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Make Your H2a Guest Worker Program A Success

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Having happy, healthy and productive workers for any company, business or program is the driving force for its success or failure.  For the government run h2a guest worker program this is equally true and with a possibility of misunderstandings, walk offs and televised protests from activist groups, having a clearly defined program and rules is vital to its success.

Point #1 – Policies

The first thing that needs to be done in any business or organization is to have policies.  These policies need to be defined, written out, taught, tested on and enforced.  Creating a set of policies for your h2a guest worker program is vital to its success and the wellbeing of your employees.  These policies need to be signed off on by workers, translated into any foreign language needed for your employees and most of all they need to be reasonable.  You need to have policies for working conditions and expectation for productivity, housing and firing.

h2a guest worker program

Point #2 – Communicate with workers promptly

Communication in business and in life is vital. If we fail to communicate intention, policies and address problems then they will just continue to grow bigger and eventually will be out of control.  When working with employees, communication can mean the difference between an accident and a successful day’s work.

Point #3 – Put everything in writing

Verbal communication is great but at times the barrier of understanding is difficult to comprehend.  In many situations involving working conditions, retaliatory actions and many of the small insignificant issues with a h2a guest worker program need to be put in writing.  When we put everything in writing there is no possible way of misunderstanding the rules and policies. 

The following three points are the most important and first that need to be addressed when dealing with workers and any type of labor programs.  From these three points you will want to focus on any other issues, questions and policies that need to be put into place for a happy and prosperous working environment.

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