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Should You Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

By admin on August 13, 2019 0 Comments

We never expect to become injured, but it happens to unsuspecting people every single day. Car accidents, injuries on the job, slip and fall accidents, assaults, and many other injuries cause stress in life, as well as financial turmoil since you’re left with medical bills and damages. The insurance company should offer all the help needed to resolve the matter, but that doesn’t happen in every case. For such cases, a qualified personal injury lawyer kissimmee fl is there to help.

personal injury lawyer kissimmee fl

It doesn’t cost a penny to talk to a lawyer during a consultation. Just call the lawyer/law firm of interest to schedule this season. This time is spent discussing your case in detail to learn if filing a lawsuit is the best steps to take. There is no obligation to hire the lawyer; perhaps you simply want advice at this time. Keep in mind that time constraints are in place that limit the amount of time you have to file lawsuit, so act as early as possible. The lawyer works on a contingency basis, so if your case qualifies, it won’t cost any money upfront to start the case.

In fact, the lawyer who represents your case gets paid only when he wins the case. The amount of money he earns is deducted from the overall award or settlement amount agreed upon by both parties. The lawyer has a 20% cap on the fee that he can charge. Rest assured that lawyers are fighting for your best interests when they take your case. They want to ensure that justice is served and, of course, they also want to get paid for the services they’ve provided. Lawyers want justice and they fight tooth and nail to get that for you.

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